Water conservation

Water conservation

Steeping malt
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We continuously raise awareness on water conservation and focus on all possible ways to optimise the efficient use of water and where possible, the re-use of treated wastewater. In a world where water scarcity is a reality, we see it as our responsibility to have the most water-efficient malting process in place.

Reduction of water consumption
target water consumption per Mt of Malt produced
Champs à renseigner

The malting process requires water during the steeping and germinating phases for which clean and potable water is essential. We consider water as an increasingly scarce commodity and therefore take our responsibility to improve our water conservation efforts very seriously.

At all our facilities we foster a sense of innovation and encourage our employees to push the boundaries, which has paid off as we regularly place in the top quartile in the industry in terms of water efficiency, with 4 of our plants placed in the top 8 globally most recently.

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