Water Treatment in Australia

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Water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource in Australia, especially in Western Australia where Perth is one of the driest cities on the continent. For this reason, we aim to use water as responsibly as we can so that we do our part to not only preserve this scarce commodity, but also improve our resilience as the impacts of climate change are increasingly being felt.

At our malting plants in Sydney and Perth we use multistage filtration and reverse osmosis technology to treat all wastewater so that it can partially be recycled back into the process and also reused for cleaning and other purposes. Reverse osmosis uses super fine filters to remove all contaminants and is widely regarded as an essential technology to improve the climate resilience of our water supplies in the future. Along with strict quality monitoring, both internally and externally, we have been able to reduce our dependence on the local water network significantly and plan to roll this out to other malting plants in future where possible.