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Traceability & Transparency

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We believe it is key to provide a fully reliable, transparent, and traceable view of the road our malt travels from the barley on the field to the malt at the brewer or distiller so that end consumers can make informed decisions about the beer or whiskey they want to drink.

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Champs à renseigner

As the global leader in malt production, we are strongly aware of our responsibility to continuously innovate and strengthen collaborations in our value chain. With our traceability and transparency solutions we aim to provide detailed insight to end consumers and unlock extra value throughout our supply chain. By using technology, we are able to let stakeholders know where the grain comes from, how it is produced, and by whom. For certain customers and specific crops, we provide different types of information including the origin of the grown barley, whether it was produced in an organic way, the carbon footprint, and shed light on the good working conditions of our farmers.

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