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The inauguration ceremony of the Latam Innovation Center took place on Wednesday, November 27 in Punta Alvear, Argentina. The event had hosted over 150 guests including customers, partners and collaborators in the barley-malt-beer value chain. Yvan Schaepman and the Global and Regional leadership team were present to introduce the company in Latin America, and present the capabilities and plans of the Innovation Center.
It is not a secret building, the innovation center is open to the entire value chain of the beer industry. This space feature a state-of-the-art lab, a dynamic training room, a micro malting unit and a microbrewery. The Innovation Center will allow us to test the quality of the malt and other brewing ingredients, to measure the accuracy of the malting and brewing processes, as well as explore, experiment and adjust new recipes and formulations.
This is the outcome of a project developed over the last two years. It is intended to share and develop knowledge and exchan​ge experiences with malt specialists, master brewers, distillers and suppliers of barley and other brewing ingredients. 

Main objectives of the Latam Innovation Center

Collaboratively develop knowledge and experiences on brewing, distilling, malting and agricultural processes that impact the value chain from barley to beer.
Share and apply outcomes and knowledge to promote the development of a sustainable, global quality, innovative and safe value chain.
Ensure a space for discussion and analysis to define the future of the brewing ecosystem, integrating seed biotechnology, barley producers, malthouses, suppliers of ingredients, brewers and associations.
These objectives will be achieved through research and testing projects with clients, professional associations, training centers, and ingredients suppliers at a local and regional level. As well as through seminars, workshops and on-line courses.
Its big brother, the Antwerp Innovation Center will be inaugurated this spring. For Irina Bolat, Innovation Manager: “Creating a symbiosis between the Latam and the European Innovation Centre will support our goal of becoming the most innovative maltster in the world. Diversity fuels innovation and the two hubs represent the perfect platform to translate all new ideas into reality. Together we can shape the future of the malting industry.” ​


Opening Latam Innovation Center