Joyce and Robert Chambers won Malting Barley Excellence Award

Joyce and Robert Chambers won Malting Barley Excellence Award
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Kildare mother and son team, Joyce and Robert Chambers took home the top price at the Malting Barley Excellence awards organisez by Boortmalt and held at Diageo's Guiness Storehouse in Dublin

The awards acknowledge excellence in malting barley production and promote sustainability in the supply chain.
There are over 600 barley growers in Ireland and the Malting Barley Excellence awards bring together the best growers from the five barley supply regions, while also recognising the best seed producers.

Robert Chambers, who is a third-generation barley grower said he was delighted to be taking home the award back to Co. Kildare.

"We have been growing barley on our farm for three generations and we work hard to grow barley that is of a excellent quality to be part of this great brewing tradition".

“This is based on their own very high production standards and great marketing, and it also depends on accessing the best quality ingredients which people like the farmers we are with today, grow and supply with incredible skill and dedication,” he said.

Minister Andrew Doyle added that Ireland’s agricultural industry is at the heart of some Ireland’s most well-known and respected exports and this is especially true when it comes to malting barley and Guinness.

"The malted barley that we buy from Boortmalt amounts to more than twice the value of Ireland’s total barley exports and over 300 tonnes of it are used daily to make Guinness".

Peter Nallen Boortmalt Group COO added its malting barley growers have always shown their commitment to quality.

Source: Agriland.ei