Sapporo has launched a new beer brand in Japan, “Extra Malt”.

Article published on 07/12/20 à 12:01

Sapporo has launched a new beer brand in Japan, “Extra Malt”, featuring a new malt made by Boortmalt’s Canadian malt house, Prairie Malt. 


PlatinumStar was created by Sapporo together with Prairie Malt and the University of Saskatchewan.

This variety has the special feature of being LOX-less, meaning it contains a reduction in lipids (fats) resulting in enhanced and prolonged product freshness, as well as improved foam stability. The Prairie Malt team selected the high-quality PlatinumStar barley from our valued barley farmers and then developed high-quality PlatinumStar malt for long-term customer, Sapporo. 

Boortmalt remains the largest single malt supplier to Sapporo in Japan, with a relationship going back over 40 years. Congratulations to our Canadian team at Prairie Malt!

We look forward to driving many more innovative developments with our customers!