50 years of malting courses

50 years of malting courses
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The original malting courses were designed to help candidates prepare for the Diploma and Master Brewer examinations of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London, by covering relevant areas of malting science and technology. Today’s malting course challenges the participants’ perception and understanding of malt and barley, by enabling them to have an overview of the processes and skills involved. The course essentially combines informative presentations with a number of practical exercises and malt house tours
to offer the participant an insight into the malting process.
It enables people to experience the complete life cycle of malt. One of the interesting things about the course is watching distillers and brewers discover how different their individual requirements and processes are, and how complex malting actually is.

The internal malting course is run over a three day period, whilst the external course is run over five days to allow additional time for networking and travel.
Currently the malting course is held at our premises in Bury St Edmunds or in Antwerp. This year all courses will be held in Antwerp.’

We are striving to develop and engage all our employees, as part of our ultimate vision to be the best malster in the world. The internal malting course enables all our employees to gain a broader scope and understanding of our company, and provides a platform to pass on the knowledge and experience across our business.

Therefore, the internal malting course is free and open to all Boortmalt employees.