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We recognize the important role local communities play and we believe that our business and the communities in which we operate should be well connected. We are convinced that strong and sustainable communities are the basis of our future and that we, through partnerships and sponsorships, can make a difference together.

Our Purpose
of our sites engaged in at least 1 project by 2030
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Our engagement with local communities is a direct reflection of our corporate values. We believe it to be an essential element of
our business operations and as such it is included within our Boortmalt Business Ethics Manual.

Our first aim is to ensure that the energy, water, and other resources that our facilities require are sourced and consumed in a sustainable way and in
harmony with local conditions and circumstances.

We therefore collaborate with local communities to safeguard, we do not impose ourselves negatively upon our surroundings, but rather operate in a way
that benefits all stakeholders. Our second aim is to partner with local projects that are in line with our values and sustainability targets and show our commitment to the broader communities in which we operate.

Boortmalt has always been engaged with local communities and we have strengthened our commitment by making a fixed budget available to each location to support voluntary work and donations. From next year onwards we will start monitoring the number of community engagement projects as we aim to have at least one project per Boortmalt location that supports our social commitment. We do not take a one size fits all approach when it comes to community engagement and always carefully consider the local context.

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On 20 December 2022, Yvan Schaepman, Boortmalt CEO, symbolically laid the first pipeline of the A

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