Ethiopia: Train the trainers

Champs à renseigner

Given the fact that Boortmalt built the first ever malting factory in Ethiopia, it was a challenge to find local talent with the knowledge and skills required to work in our plant. With the ongoing COVID crisis and travel restrictions, we could not send our new Ethiopian team for training to our European malting plants. We therefore decided to send a team of trainers to Ethiopia for knowledge sharing and training with the local team.

This included five internal trainers from different departments and with expertise in different areas such as laboratory work, maintenance, production, and quality. We arranged a two-day training program for the trainers, to improve their teaching skills and enhance their cultural awareness, and developed a five-day induction program. This programme consisted of both theoretical courses related to the malting process and a series of team building exercises to nurture team spirit and ease communication between the trainees and the trainers.