Working with Boortmalt


Who we are

We worked really hard to define the core values of the group. Interviews were conducted across the company, as were team member surveys and several working groups were set up. The results of their work gave birth to five values: Performance, Empathy, Teamwork, Innovation and Leadership. These core values are based on our culture, our history and the way in which we like to work together internally, but also with the cooperative and our customers.


These values establish our corporate identity. They give us guidance about how we should actpersonally internally and externally and they reinforce our feeling of belonging.


What we offer

To work at the best place within the malting industry

While the working rules may vary from region to region, creating the flexibility to adapt to different expectations, culture, life style and  in the meantime building the Boortmalt community, that’s the challenge we are winning.

Boortmalt Community

With small working teams spread over 10 locations in 7 countries, building a community to allow people work together despite the geographical distance between them is a daily challenge.

Our newsletter allows us to share news about Boortmalt business and people development. Our intranet strengthen the interactions between our people and will give our people an even stronger feeling of being part of the Boortmalt community.

Improving the experience at work

At Boortmalt we believe that safety is a top priority. Ensuring people to come to work and return back home safely is a constant focus for our HSE team across all our geographies.

Being able to make people feel more secure from life’s uncertainties is also a major attention area that we are developing: e.g. retirement saving plan, medical coverage, death benefits, health occupational service.

We strive to make our people enjoy working for Boortmalt, to enjoyt doing their job to the best of their ability with passion and commitment. By listening to our people we can help them to overcome challenges and to even go beyond their expectations. Our "enjoy" program is taking care of that and a set of exciting initiatives are already making things better (Home working policy, holiday program, bonus).

Ensuring our people feel valued, by giving them rewards and recognition, when deserved is a very sensitive and important subject we are now working on. Our company wide profit sharing scheme available in every location gives us the opportunity to share our business success with our employees who made the success  happen.

Talent development

Last year, over half of our employees attended a training course across a variety of topics.  We give the opportunity to every single employee to express their training needs and in doing so gave them the opportunity to really take control of their career and professional development.

We also publish internally the list of free/vacant positions on a weekly basis. This gives every employee the opportunity to play a more active role in choosing their own career and personal development.

Given our international organization, mobility of our people is a key requirement for career development within our group. We offer attractive relocation packages which may include cross cultural training, housing assistance, moving assistance and school search.