Solar thermal power plant project

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Yvan Schaepman, Boortmalt CEO, Arnaud Leroy, President of ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) and Arnaud Susplugas, President of Kyotherm, have signed a funding agreement for the construction of a solar thermal power plant at Issoudun (Indre), allocating funding worth a total of €3,012,451 to the project, and repayable funds to the value of €531,609.

The project - winner of the RFP: "Major solar thermal installations of ADEME"[1] - is to install in 2019 a solar thermal power plant in the grounds of the Issoudun malting facility. This thermal power plant will produce the hot water (<70°C) supplying the malting facility's barley drying units.

The total surface area of the plant's solar panels will be approximately 15,000 m², making it today the world's 3rd largest solar thermal power plant supplying an industrial site.

Its rated capacity will be around 12 MW and it will supply around 8.7 GWh of heat per year, or one-tenth of the site's needs. This heat will make it possible to reduce the natural gas consumption of the site and cut CO2 emissions by around 2200 tonnes per year. This is equivalent to removing 1100 new vehicles from circulation.

For Yvan Schaepman, CEO of BOORTMALT: "This project demonstrates our continuing commitment to obtaining supplies of clean energy. We had already called upon the support of ADEME for putting in place a biomass boiler on the site in 2013."

For Arnaud Leroy, President of ADEME: "Signing this agreement marks ADEME's support for this ambitious project, and more widely for the development of industrial solar thermal power in France."

For Arnaud Susplugas, President of KYOTHERM (Project Owner): "80% of the cost per kWh of the project is linked to the investment costs, and so optimising funding was vital to its execution."

Since 1999, Boortmalt has been committed to reducing its environmental footprint. More than 40% of the heat consumed by the Issoudun malting plant already comes today from low-carbon sources (biomass and heat recovered from cogeneration).

Boortmalt produces and markets more than 1 million tonnes of malt for brewers, distillers and micro-brewers. The world's 4th-largest maltster, the company operates 10 malting plants in Europe, including the Issoudun facility.