Solar carport in Antwerp

solar carport
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Boortmalt has a very long history when it comes to energy and CO2 reduction. We started 15 years ago with the introduction of energy roadmaps to reduce drastically the energy consumption in our plants and by 2030, we want to reduce it by 50% overall.

The carport contains 2,000 solar panels with 1-megawatt peak of power, and we installed 60 charging booths. In the meantime, we replaced our fleet of diesel and petrol cars with electric and hybrid vehicles. The surplus of energy goes either to the plant or injected to the national grid.

This is the typical way of working in Boortmalt: we do a pilot site like here in Antwerp with a solar car park, we learn from this project, then we find a solid partner to replicate the same project on other sites.

It's very important for us to work with partners with the same vision to reach our ambitious sustainability goals by 2030.


Few advantages of the new solar car park:

  • Constructive use of existing space.
  • Electric cars will be able to be charged with locally produced "green" solar electricity.
  • Shade and comfort: cars will be less hot on hot summer days and protected from rain and snow.