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Salud y securidad

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Fomentamos una cultura de salud y seguridad abierta y proactiva, con la implicación total de nuestros colaboradores y partes interesadas, así como un liderazgo fuerte y visible. De este modo, estamos orgullosos de habernos convertido en uno de los lugares de trabajo más seguros de la industria.

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TOGETHER, Masters of Safety

Since people are our greatest asset, we are proud to promote and prioritise employee safety through our ‘’TOGETHER, Masters of Safety’’ programme. Our goal is to develop a proactive Health & Safety culture that engages employees and other stakeholders. Safety awareness and safe behaviour are the norm in everything we do, and we think positively about our own safety and that of our colleagues and visitors so that we can achieve our ultimate objective of zero harm.

The strength of our safety programme lies in the combination of a solid compliance framework and the involvement of all Boortmalt employees. The compliance framework includes relevant organisational matters such as policies, standards, KPIs, targets, and reporting.

The involvement of our employees ensures that we move from a reactive to proactive approach and that we develop intrinsic motivation to work as safely as possible. This ensures that our employees become active safety ambassadors and that safety is an integral part of everyone’s daily activities.
We have created the necessary conditions to achieve our goal of an interconnected safety culture. It starts with visible top-down management commitment that sees safety as a core business value that cannot be compromised by other business interests such as cost, schedule, and quality.

Managers lead by example and are actively involved in all safety-related activities. They proactively discuss safety in every meeting and attend specific consultations, participate in safety training sessions, wear appropriate personal protective equipment, discuss unsafe situations, and more. This is also the foundation on which employee engagement is built.

We encourage employee participation in safety programmes and enforce compliance with performance standards to stimulate motivation. Positive safety behaviour and performance from our employees are recognised, initiatives are supported, and suggestions for improvements are always encouraged. In this way, we work every day to further increase the involvement of our employees.

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