Welcome to Boortmalt


Welcome to Boortmalt

Quality rooted in production

Our goal is to produce high quality types of malt to meet the specific demands of our worldwide clientele of brewers and distillers. By utilising the most modern production techniques and far-reaching logistics, we reach international markets in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Through various acquisitions, Boortmalt has become the second largest producer of malt in Europe and the fifth largest globally. From 10 locations in Europe, Boortmalt branches out into the World with 50% of its total volume of trade stemming from developing markets outside of Europe..

Through our parent company Axereal, the largest French grain cooperative we guarantee our customers access to high quality barley year round.

At Boortmalt, we believe that our manner of production reflects the quality of our products. 
We are certified HACCP, ISO 9001, 14001, 50001, OHSAS 18001 and a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform).


The Group

Malt production and logistics in the heart of Europe

The Boortmalt Group is a fully owned subsidiary of the agricultural and agribusiness cooperative Axereal. Our relationship with Axereal, Europe’s largest grain cooperative, ensures us access to high quality barley year round.
Our European network of malting plants spread throughout six countries produces a total of 1.1 million tons of malt per year, making Boortmalt the 5th largest malt producer in the world and No.2 in Europe.

Malt Consultancy: Global Malting Services (GMS)

The malt industry is a complex one which requires solid logistics, fluid adaptation, an understanding of products and buyers in an international context.  With many years of international experience, GMS provides a priceless competitive advantage.
GMS is focussed on the development of integrated agri-supply chain solutions ‘from field to final customer product’, this is achieved by providing consultancy services to our customers, food processing industries and administrative bodies.
With expertise in constructing new plants, upgrading existing facilities, creating structured supply chains and extending logistical reach GMS offers optimised solutions to ensure that malt production can meet the needs of any local market by developing and increasing production capability and improving malt quality.

Malt logistics: Sobelgra

Approximately fifty percent of the total European malt export passes through our Port of Antwerp silos Sobelgra and Samga – making Antwerp, today more than ever, the malt capital of Europe, and Boortmalt its logistic heart.  



More than eighty-five years of experience

The name ‘Mouterij Boortmalt’ represents a significant piece of history for our business. We grew from the canal at Leuven-Dijle in Boortmeerbeek and spent half century as local malt house with a production tower in the center of the town and a series of silos by the water. 

The purchase of the Sobelgra silo in the 1980’s followed by the company’s acquisition by Axereal in 2004 has brought rapid growth. Business increased further through the addition of a malting plant in France and within ten years Boortmalt had established plants in Croatia and Hungary. In 2010 Boortmalt grew further in 2010 by acquiring existing malting plants in the UK and Ireland.

Today Boortmalt has developed to become one of the top five producers of malt in the World.


Our footprint


Our Executive Team


The Executive Team

Yvan Schaepman
Group CEO Boortmalt
Bernard Poncelet
Group CFO & IT
Peter Nallen
Group COO
Erwin Veuskens
Chief Operations Officer – Terminals Belgium
Vlado Bićanić
General Manager – Central Europe
Sofie Pels
HR director
Koenraad Dumont
Group Chief Commercial Officer