Business Ethics at Boortmalt

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Boortmalt stands for good corporate behaviour which is integrated into our corporate values. When engaging with our colleagues, third parties, customers, and suppliers, we use our five principles of ethical business behaviour: Trust & Integrity, Accountability, Compliance, Dignity & Respect, Openness & Honesty. This helps us protect and further enhance our good reputation and those of our stakeholders.

Our company’s values and ethical practices are promoted across all our sites, and we expect our employees and others acting on behalf of Boortmalt to embody our principles at all times. Business integrity to us means not only adhering to all applicable laws and regulations in the countries in which we operate, but also adhering to our own high standards. We are proud that our values and measures have led to zero non-compliance incidences since the Cargill acquisition, and we are continuously striving to keep up this performance.