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Boortmalt is thrilled to introduce BoortmaltX, its transformative Startup Accelerator Program. 


With this acceleration program, Boortmalt is dedicated to fully supporting early-stage ventures aligned with our core business lines. BoortmaltX's primary mission is to nurture innovation, foster inclusivity, and drive sustainability, with the ultimate goal of revolutionizing the use of malt-related ingredients within food & beverage, pet food, natural supplements and the cosmetics industry.



What is BoortmaltX? 


BoortmaltX's Startup Accelerator Program offers crucial support, mentorship, and resources to select early-stage ventures with groundbreaking ideas. We specifically seek entrepreneurs, startups, or scale-ups capable of reshaping the fermentation and malting landscape in industries like natural cosmetics, pet food, food & beverages, and natural food supplements, harnessing malt's potential for sustainable solutions tailored to diverse consumer needs.

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Pilot Phase

From Concept to Reality In the initial pilot phase, we work closely with startups to shape their early-stage ideas into tangible products. Our expert team provides guidance and support as startups move from ideation to creating their first product demo. 


Beta Launch Phase

Ensuring Product-Market Fit With a product demo in hand, startups embark on the beta launch phase. Here, we assist in preparing a go-to-market strategy, diving deep into financial scenarios, and refining their products to ensure a strong product-market fit. The goal is to get ready to make impactful sales.


Scale Phase

Your Path to Sustainable Growth Having successfully completed the beta launch phase, startups enter the scale phase. This stage presents an exciting opportunity to showcase their progress to both the Boortmalt management team and a selected panel of Food tech venture capitalists. The platform allows startups to seek valuable feedback, partnerships, and potential funding to fuel their sustainable growth.

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