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Purpose: To build and launch joint business propositions with biotech founders and / or innovators.

We believe that the future of malt will be in various industries, beyond beverages. Our innovation compass revealed 11 focused areas in which Boortmalt could play a significant role. As world leading malting company, we have many assets that we can leverage to explore these playgrounds. And we want to do it together with other players of the ecosystem.

We see more and more that innovation sources are shifting from own R&D to cooperating with start-ups. The agility and creative thinking of tech entrepreneurs combined with the know-how and market access of corporate organizations like us is the secret sauce to building sustainable innovation.


That’s why we launched BoortmaltX, a global corporate-startup collaboration platform that is now recruiting the world's best entrepreneurs for a unique co-creation journey. 

Do you want to know more about the 11 focused areas we are investigating? Are you curious to understand how Boortmalt is positioning itself on the competitive landscape of corporate venturing? Or maybe you know innovative founding teams who want to leverage the wonders of malt to make their product and the world more sustainable?

Then, don’t skip this info and take your chance to contribute to our global impact!



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