Axereal continues its growth strategy in malting

27 September 2018

Cereals cooperative group Axereal has started up its fourth malting tower, at the port of Antwerp in Belgium. (Malting is the process that transforms barley into malt.) As it comes on stream, this new facility reinforces Axereal group’s international presence.

The €35m project (which includes grain elevator extensions and a new water treatment plant) will bring the production capacity of Axereal’s malting subsidiary Boortmalt at Antwerp to 470,000 tonnes. This makes it the world’s largest malting plant and earns the group a place among the industry’s key players.

This investment is part of an ambitious development project for the group’s malting activities, with an R&D centre due to open in Antwerp in the near future. This new centre will enable Axereal to better meet the evolving expectations of its brewer and distiller clients across the world, and achieve marked reductions in water consumption and CO2 emissions.  Boortmalt has also reinforced its Irish site with an additional 30kt of capacity and is embarking on a 60kt malting plant project on a greenfield site in Ethiopia.

“We aim to double the size of the business over the next four years” said Yvan Schaepman, CEO of Boortmalt, Axereal group’s malting subsidiary. “We have developed our own ultra-modern production equipment so we can go further in innovating and producing differentiated products for high-potential markets across the world. We now have all the capacity we need to reinforce our partnerships with our brewer and distiller clients, by supplying them very high-quality products and adopting a win-win ethos.”