Our Commitments

Sustainable Goals


Employees are the most important asset of our company. Their time, energy, experience, creativity and team skills contribute towards building a more competitive and more sustainable malting business.

Boortmalt welcomes diversity amongst our staff, sub-contractors and visitors, recognizing that all individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experience can make contributions to achieving the Company’s objectives. We are convinced that Cultural mix is one of the key to become the best within a global competitive market. 

Our ambition is to create equal opportunities which apply to all Boortmalt employees

Sofie Pels - Chief People & Communication Officer

Health & safety policy

We believe that TOGETHER Boortmalt can become one of the safest places to work in the industry. That is why we promote an open and proactive Health & Safety culture with the full involvement of our people and stakeholders. This is reinforced through strong and visible leadership and by striving to achieve and maintain our group safety target of zero harm.

​We reduced our accident frequency rate by 51% over the past 3 years.

Peter Nallen - Chief Operations Officer

Concrete examples - Energy & Water

Let the sun play in our team
Solar thermal central

Use the solar energy

The power of this solar power plant will be around 12 MW. It should provide between 10% and 15% of the malting's energy needs.

The solar comes to complete the cogeneration plant and biomass power station to achieve 50% renewable energy on the site.

Water is life
Optisteep water save system

Water reduction

 Optisteep © is a water consumption reduction system which allows 40% on a malthouse.

The OPTISTEEP® is an integrated water treatment system for steeping water in malting plants. The OPTISTEEP® conditions the steeping water quality. 

Pollution and harmful micro-organisms are continuously removed during the steeping process. Enabling single immersion which leads to faster modification and germination and less use of steeping water.

Biomass centrale
Use co-products as a source of energy.