Your profile

How to prepare your resume

Highlight the skills and experience that are the most relevant to the vacancy and to Boortmalt.

 Be clear and precise about your previous experiences (responsibilities & achievements).

 Remember to include your hobbies and interests (sport, cultural or social activities), which are a great way of showing your uniqueness.

 Do not forget that your CV gives the first impression the recruiter will have on you.

 If you have less than 10 years work experience, your CV should take up just one sheet of paper or two :)


How to prepare your convering letter?

 Your cover letter allows you to share information that you could not include in your CV: highlight your skills and explain why you want to work with us.

 The letter should be structured into three parts:

  • Your motivation: Why do Boormalt and this vacancy inspire in you ?
  • Your talents: Which assests can you bring to this job and to Boortmalt, your expertise, what have you learned from your previous job assignments.
  • Your career goals: What would you like to achieve within Boortmalt (your career path)


How to build your e-reputation?

Are you active on social networks? Good news ! So are we.

Use these networks to build your professional identity and make yourself more visible.

Tips & tricks:

 Establishing a professional branded presence starts with a great photo : present your best self & smile !

 Write a comprehensive and engaging profile introduction. Highlight your experience in the summary.

 Show your skills & Endorsements (examples from your contacts can be a great inspiration to build an attractive resume. Include volunteer experience and causes.

 Keep your profiles up to date, as you would with your CV.

 When you create your profile, try to put yourself into your recruiter’s shoes: what do I see first?

 What do I learn about the candidate?

 Be careful what you post on social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram,…) : content has a longer shelf-life :)