Working in another boormaltcountry: Yes you can !


Working in another boormalt country: Yes you can !

Péter Zsoldos (54) moved from Hungary to England. His wife Éva and daughter Anett (9) moved with him. Anett is now attending primary school in England.


On board at Boortmalt since… ‘I already worked  in the malting of Dunaújváros (since 1994) when the plant in Hungary was taken over in 2006 by Boortmalt.’

Previous job in Dunaújváros: ‘Quality and Storage Supervisor.’

Current job in Bury St. Edmunds: ‘Laboratory Manager. My goal is to increase the reputation  of the Tech Centre within the group, together with the existing team. I am proud to have joined them. It’s great to work together to improve things even more.’

Decided to take the job in England because… 

My family and I wanted to improve our English skills. Moving to the UK was an excellent opportunity to learn the language and staying on board at Boortmalt gave us the solid background
we needed to make that big change in our lives. My bosses and collegues understood perfectly that I wanted to take this chance. Everybody was fully supportive.’

How difficult was it to move? ‘When I look back now, I already think of the moving as a smooth process, but there were indeed several issues to solve. I could not have managed the whole move without the general help from our whole company. I mean reallyeveryone. I thank every one of them for all the support!’

What did you discover in England? ‘That in the UK traditions are very important and that my daughter has to wear a uniform to go to school. She actually likes it. On a more personal level: during the seventies in Hungary - at that time behind the iron curtain - I became a big fan of the Anglo-Saxon rock music. Now, driving through England, hearing the same songs on the radio and realising I’m in the country of origin of these songs… That’s amazing.’

Anything you miss from Hungary? ‘A lot. The rest of the family. Friends and habits… Although we feel at home here, we still think about our former life. Oh, and the fish soup. I miss the fish soup!’ (smiles)

Would you recommend other people to do the same move as you did? ‘Definitively yes!If there is a possibility for a member of a global group - like ours - which is supporting that kind of mobility for its employees, it would be a “crime” not to use that opportunity.’