Our Driving Principles




Boortmalt’s quality and expertise are widely acknowledged by the brewers and distillers that rely on the supply of top quality barley malt.

Our ability to influence every link in our supply chain from seed to malt has proven a distinctive advantage in our business and an essential element in our uncompromising focus on quality.


Barley growers in France, the UK and Ireland produce some of the best quality malting barley within the EU adhering to all recognised environmental and food safety standards. They employ state-of-the-art technologies such as satellite monitoring (Farmstar) and precision farming to optimise seeding rate, fertiliser application and crop protection. The barley breeders who in turn supply the growers with seed continuously develop and perfect new varieties to further improve the quality of malting barley and agronomic sustainability. All field practices are recorded within computer systems at every stage of production providing full traceability from the field to the finished malt. In Central and Eastern Europe,  Boortmalt also controls seed and barley production through a subsidiary of Axereal.

Exceptional service

We proudly share our knowledge with our customers. Thanks to the contributions of Global Malting Services (GMS), we continually improve our effectiveness throughout the complete supply chain.  Our experienced sales team listens to your comments and passes them on to the people who know how to implement the changes and innovations on which our business relies.


All Boortmalt sites are ISO 9001-2008 and HACCP certified and follow industry standard GMP. Particular attention is given to product integrity and the impact of the plants and malting activity on the environment. Plant safety regulations for our employees are also part of our quality and safety program.


Far Reaching

50% of European exported malt trasits through our installations in Antwerp

Logistics on a Global Scale

Logistics are crucial to our timely and cost effective supply of top quality malt.  Our total control over the logistical supply chain utilising the full range of transport options including trucks, trains and ships ensures complete quality assurance and traceability to the brewery.

Half of the exported European malt passes through our Port of Antwerp facility much of it on its way to markets in South America, Africa and Asia. With a combined malting plant and export terminal we can provide malt and barley loading in all desired packaging options from 25 kg sacks to 20.000 ton vessels.

Located near the Port of Felixstowe the UK’s largest container port our Bury St. Edmunds facility offers excellent access to overseas markets, particularly Asia and the Caribbean.

Our Glenesk plant on the East coast of Scotland offers excellent possibilities for the export distilling malt with close proximity to the Port of Grangemouth allowing transshipment  through major European ports.

As the logistical vain for transport to Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria, the Danube river has proven itself to be a strategic location for our Hungarian facility.  Located on a peninsula in the Danube river, Boortmalt Hungary provides the most environmentally friendly and cost efficient transport option possible.  Both our facilities in Croatia and Hungary provide both bulk truck and train loading.

ATO JV (our joint venture with Nationale Maatschappij der Belgische Spoorwegen, The Belgian national railway operator) is situated next to the silos and malting plant of Antwerp and provides all the necessary flexibilities required for the loading and offloading of containers for trucks, trains and boats.



50% of our sales take place outside Europe

World demand for quality barley

Many of our barley varieties have achieved world renowned quality recognition. Brewers and distillers across the globe praise our six row winter barley grown in France as well as our 2-row spring barley grown in UK and Ireland for its quality and consistency.

Supplying the world with malt

From our strategic location in Antwerp, currently the malt distribution hub of Europe we can competitively supply all global markets.  With a focus on Latin American, Africa and Asia, Boortmalt services all of the key global brewers and the major regional brewers.  We export over 50% of our total Group malt production to markets in South America, Africa and Asia.


The near equal distribution of our production between mature and emerging markets allows us the necessary financial stability to achieve further growth in any World market.

Belgium, Italy and France remain the primary European markets for our Belgian and French operations. Boortmalt in the UK and Ireland primarilly supply malt to international and domestic brewers along with distillers as well as selected export markets. Boortmalt Hungary and Croatia service the Central and Easter European markets and further afield into the Black Sea region.



50% of our assets are less than 12 yeard old

Total quality and sustainable development

Boortmalt has a state-of-the-art infrastructure, over 50% of our assets were built within the past 11 year- which ensures food safety standards and minimises the environmental impact as part of our commitment to sustainability.

In cooperation with our parent company Axereal, we have developed a long-term sustainability program. Because the malting industry remains highly reliant on the use of energy and drinking quality water, we employ best-in-class practices and technologies to optimise our use of these valuable resources and achieve cost savings.