Boortmalt Antwerp becomes the world’s largest malting plant

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Serving customers by growing exports from Antwerp

By adding a fourth malting plant to the Antwerp site, Boortmalt is strengthening its export capacity and capability. An R&D centre will also be established so that customers can benefit from the company’s innovation agenda. Consequently, not only is the Antwerp site set to become the world’s largest malt production facility, it will also be the home of the company’s Research & Development centre and a multi-modal transport hub for malt exports with the logistical capability to package and store the company’s full range of products in bags, bulk bags, bulk and containers.

« Boortmalt will use this dedicated malt complex to bring customers unique, innovative and high quality products and services » said Yvan Schaepman, Boortmalt CEO.

Supporting customers by developing local malt production

The market for beer is growing in emerging countries, and in Africa in particular. Axéréal Group will leverage its expertise by working alongside its brewing customers to develop local barley and malt production in these countries.

Axéréal will initiate this by setting up a site in Ethiopia, where a malting plant with capacity of 80,000 tonnes will be operational before the end of 2018

accordind to Philippe de Raynal, Axéréal President.

Boortmalt’s ten European malting plants are currently running at full capacity, producing 1.1million tonnes of malt. These two new projects will bring total capacity to 1.3 Mt. The plants will benefit from the very latest technology, together with the company’s expertise in energy and water management, in line with Boortmalt’s CSR policy and ISO 50001 certification.

Supporting customers downstream and cooperative members upstream

«By developing a two-pillar business model with agriculture, trade and logistics on the one side and cereal and food processing on the other, we can offer our cooperative members both security and excellent performance. By investing in the malt business unit, we are both developing access to the barley market for our members and creating value downstream which can be redistributed» said Axéréal Chairman Jean-François Loiseau.