The Company

Boortmalt (the malting business of the French cooperative group AXEREAL) is currently the largest malting company globally with 3 million tonnes of malt sold throughout the world every year.

Our 1000 employees spread over 5 continents are focused on producing an extensive range of high- quality malt types in order to meet the requirements of our brewing and distilling customers around the world.

By using the most modern production techniques and with our far-reaching logistics capability, we are able to supply world markets both effectively and efficiently.


Job title :

Location :

Fixed-term contract 1 year


Description of role

Operate equipment associated with the production process.  This includes grain handling, processing and/or conveyance equipment.  Monitor the process and ensure accurate information of operating logs, bills of lading, scale weights and transactions are recorded.  Understand and adhere to the federal Occupational Health and Safety rules and regulations as related to plant safety.  Follow all Cargill safety Rules and Regulations.  Maintain a safe and sanitary atmosphere with a high regard for food safety and environmental impacts.
Assist with the collection and processing of samples.  Enter confined spaces under proper permit conditions and supervision.  Attend various mandatory safety and departmental meetings.  Trouble shoot minor problems as required.
Assist with other personnel as needed, and will perform other duties essential to the department as requested by the production supervisor.
Communicate in a courteous and positive manner to accomplish duties effectively, working as a team with all involved.


If you want to join the “Masters of malt”, we offer a competitive wage and an appealing package of extra benefits (healthcare insurance, pension plan, etc.).

Required skills

•    Must be able to work a 7 day a week work schedule, overtime, weekends, holidays, nights, and additional hours beyond regularly scheduled shift to cover vacancies.  
•    Must be able to work partially outdoors, indoors, and periodically in dusty environments.
•    Must be able to ascend and descend stairs, ladders, and work in elevated areas of the plant.  
•    Must be able to lift up to 25 pounds frequently and up to 50 pounds occasionally.  
•    Good time management skills, must be able to prioritize tasks.  
•    Must be able to proficiently use computers including entering and retrieving data.  
•    Demonstrated high performance safety and attendance record.  
•    Wear hearing and respiratory personal protection devices such as ear plugs, dust masks, and respirators.
•    Must have high school diploma or equivalent.
•    Must be 18 years of age or older;
•    Must have a valid Canadian Driver’s License.
•    Must pass a pre-work medical examination.