Boortmalt Ireland has decided to extend its malting capacity in Athy by 30k MT

Article published on 22/11/18 à 15:28

Boortmalt Ireland will continue to provide a 100% Irish supply chain to its customers by extending its malting site by 30k MT


Athy, Ireland – Boortmalt has decided to extend its malting capacity in Athy by 30k MT in order to continue providing its Irish brewing and distilling customers with a 100% Irish supply chain, from seed to malting barley. This will build further the relationships between Boortmalt Ireland and Irish growers. Local project team led by Patrick Kennedy, Maltings Manager and Noel Gaffney, Plant Performance Manager, and the company McElroy Associates have been appointed to carry out this expansion project. The planning process is currently underway and should be completed by June 2018. Commercial negotiations are currently ongoing and the successful principal contractor is due to be appointed before end December 2017. New steeping, germination and kilning vessels as well as additional malt outloading facilities will therefore be constructed and operational by June 2019.

With our Irish growers partners we have since 2010 further developed the Boortmalt local malting barley supply chain for the exclusive use of our Irish customers. The Boortmalt Irish malting barley supply chain is sustainable (Origin Green and SAI silver certified) and can be further expanded now that we decided to add 30kt of malting capacity in Athy to service the growing brewing and distilling markets in Ireland

says Yvan Schaepman, Boortmalt Group CEO. After its ongoing investments in Ethiopia, this new malting plant extension in Ireland is fully in line with Boortmalt’s strategy to support its customers worldwide by developing local malt production. This is another progressive step forward for Boortmalt in its ambition to become Masters of Malt.

For more information please contact Patrick Kennedy:
Tel : + 353 59 8640310

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