The malting course

Boortmalt’s globally respected Malting Course has been run for 50 years attracting more than 900 brewers and distillers from across the World.  The course is designed for delegates to learn about the background and process of producing malt, their key raw material.

The Course

The course is five days in length and combines informative presentations with a number of practical exercises and malt house tours to offer the delegate an insight into the malting process. Depending on the location the course also includes a number of schedule visits to various industry related sites in order to gain an understanding of the entire supply chain. Evenings are based around social activities and offer possibilities for participants to network.

We are confident that any brewer or distiller will benefit from the sharing of our knowledge and experience in crafting quality malt.

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Key figures

  • Subsidiary of Axereal, the largest French grain cooperative
  • 5th largest producer of Malt in the World and the 2nd in Europe
  • Annual sales of 1.1 million tonnes
  • 10 production facilities throughout Europe with 385 employees
  • Responsibility - Member of SAI
  • GMS - consultancy specialising in supply chain and infrastructure projects particularly in developing markets
  • Globally respected Malting Course