Storage & Logistics

Storing, packing and transporting malt

Through our optimised logistical services, Boortmalt delivers your malt to the gate of your brewery or distillery  year round and cost effectively.

Storage in our large silo’s

Together our Sobelgra and Samga silos in Antwerp store and move 2 million tons of malt each year. With such a storage capacity great we guarantee that you will always have enough malt to maintain your production requirements. 

Packing to measure

Boortmalt packs your malt to your own specific requirements. We pack in 25 and 50 kilogram sacks as well as big bags of 500 and 1.000 kilograms. We also load malt into 20 and 40 foot containers and bulk into trucks as well as ocean vessels of up to 20.000 tons.  

Transport by Train and Ship

Our strategic location in Antwerp, allows Boortmalt to reach anywhere in the World and provide the fast and efficient transport of your malt. Each week several trains from our Issoudun malting plant in the heart of the French cereal growing area bring 1.250 tons of malt to our Antwerp malting plant. From our plant in the United Kingdom we are within easy reach of major exporting ports such as Felixstowe and Tilbury and our strategic location in Hungary allow malt to be shipped along the Danube river to the Black Sea region.

Key figures

  • Subsidiary of Axereal, the largest French grain cooperative
  • 5th largest producer of Malt in the World and the 2nd in Europe
  • Annual sales of 1.1 million tonnes
  • 10 production facilities throughout Europe with 385 employees
  • Responsibility - Member of SAI
  • GMS - consultancy specialising in supply chain and infrastructure projects particularly in developing markets
  • Globally respected Malting Course