World demand for quality barley

Many of our barley varieties have achieved world renowned quality recognition. Brewers and distillers across the globe praise our six row winter barley grown in France as well as our 2-row spring barley grown in UK and Ireland for its quality and consistency. 

Supplying the world with malt

From our strategic location in Antwerp, currently the malt distribution hub of Europe we can competitively supply all global markets.  With a focus on Latin American, Africa and Asia, Boortmalt services all of the key global brewers and the major regional brewers.  We export over 50% of our total Group malt production to markets in South America, Africa and Asia.


The near equal distribution of our production between mature and emerging markets allows us the necessary financial stability to achieve further growth in any World market.

Belgium, Italy and France remain the primary European markets for our Belgian and French operations. Boortmalt in the UK and Ireland primarilly supply malt to international and domestic brewers along with distillers as well as selected export markets. Boortmalt Hungary and Croatia service the Central and Easter European markets and further afield into the Black Sea region.

Key figures

  • Subsidiary of Axereal, the largest French grain cooperative
  • 5th largest producer of Malt in the World and the 2nd in Europe
  • Annual sales of 1.1 million tonnes
  • 10 production facilities throughout Europe with 385 employees
  • Responsibility - Member of SAI
  • GMS - consultancy specialising in supply chain and infrastructure projects particularly in developing markets
  • Globally respected Malting Course