Carbon Emissions

Minimising our Carbon footprint

During germination, malting barley produces CO2 as part of its natural growth cycle. Because the plant uses CO2 from the air during development, the exhaust is neutral. 

Boortmalt is also an active member of Euromalt, the European association of the malting industry.  Together with our fellow malt producers, we strive to improve our carbon foot print. 

Key figures

  • Subsidiary of Axereal, the largest French grain cooperative
  • 5th largest producer of Malt in the World and the 2nd in Europe
  • Annual sales of 1.1 million tonnes
  • 10 production facilities throughout Europe with 385 employees
  • Responsibility - Member of SAI
  • GMS - consultancy specialising in supply chain and infrastructure projects particularly in developing markets
  • Globally respected Malting Course